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Mark Inn Hotel

Are you planning a visit to Saint Petersburg? Make this trip special!

If you’re coming as a tourist then you’ve probably got lots of excursions and sightseeing already planned, or if it’s a business trip you may have a busy schedule of meetings already set up. You might feel that there’s so little time and so much to do.

But don’t spend all your time rushing around! Allow yourself a short time-out. No matter how chock-a-block your timetable is, you’ll be more effective if you take some time to relax in the fresh Baltic air with a stroll through historical Saint Petersburg.

Don’t be downhearted if you’re a little unlucky with the weather; here the clouds can clear quickly to reveal a crisp sunshine, and a drizzling rain or a gusty wind from the sea emphasise the unique character of Russia’s northern capital.

Let your imagination wander with your feet through the parks, quiet streets and alley ways of the old Petrogradsky district; pass through gloomy arches into the secretive inner courtyards of old buildings. Don’t worry about getting lost – wherever you go you’ll end up on one of the city’s lively, spacious avenues, all of which lead you past busy cafes, restaurants and shops to the Neva River. Arrive at the water’s edge next to the walls of St. Peter and St. Paul’s fortress or near the Vasilievsky Island Spit. Touch the granite that has seen the likes of Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Shostakovich and Akhmatova pass by… Let those stones remember you too.

At that very moment you’ll begin to understand how this city creates a lasting place for itself in the heart and soul of anyone who’s been here. You may even decide to come back sometime, because you’ll know that in Saint Petersburg you have cosy place to come back to, a place where people will be happy to see you, and this place is the Mark Inn Hotel.